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Go to Lunds University's iTunes U portal

On Lund University's own iTunes U portal you can find the University's open educational resources, i.e. material created by lecturers and researchers at Lund University. This is mostly filmed educational material connected to particular courses or subjects. The material is open to all to watch/listen to and there are both individual lectures and entire series. Find out more about Lund University's iTunes U platform.

On iTunes U (iTunes University) you will also find material from other universities around the world. Famous institutions such as MIT, Stanford, Oxford and the Open University make entire courses available via iTunes U in everything from maths to Spanish.

To access iTunes U and watch the films available there, you need to install the free iTunes software on your computer (works on both Mac and Windows).

If you can't or don't want to download iTunes, you can access Lund University's open educational resources in the form of an RSS feed, categorised by subject, department or faculty. You will need an RSS reader to subscribe to a feed. Read more about RSS and RSS readers at LU's website (in swedish). You find a simple explanation of RSS and RSS readers in English at whatisrss.com.

Lund University

 Debatt i Lund (in Swedish)
 Science Stories
 Student Interviews

School of Economics and Management

 Dragons at the University
 Master's Student Interviews
 The Final Demise of Hierarchies - Alexander Bard

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

 Tillämpad vågrörelselära (FAF260) (in Swedish)
 Mass Transfer Processes in Environmental Engineering (KTE170)
 Warehousing and Materials Handling (MTTN25)
 NMT-dagarna, 2011 (in swedish)
 LTH - student interviews

Faculty och Fine and Performing Arts

 Eric Gadd genrepar med Rockutbildningen på Musikhögskolan i Malmö (in swedish)
 Upplev Musikhögskolan (in swedish)
 Coaching i undervisningei (in swedish)

Faculty of Medicine

 Arbetsterapi: Namn på bedömningsinstrument (in Swedish)
 NMT-dagarna, 2011 (in Swedish)
 Forskningens dag 2008: Hjärnan i tanke och rörelse (in Swedish)
 Forskningens dag 2009: Förebygg sjukdom - framtidens möjlighet! (in Swedish)
 Forskningens dag 2010: Depression & mani (in Swedish)
 Vårdvetenskap: Nytänkande i vården – Examensarbete med vårdperspektiv (in Swedish)

Humanities and Theology

 Folkliv (in Swedish)
 KNDA01 - Kinesiska, nybörjarkurs: grammatik (in Swedish)
 KNDA01 - Kinesiska, nybörjarkurs: lektionskommentarer (in Swedish)
 Arab04 - Arabic Elementary Course I - Online
 Arab05 - Arabic Elementary Course II - Online

Faculty of Science

 NMT-dagarna, 2011 (in Swedish)
 KEMA01: Organisk kemi (in Swedish)
 The Genetics of Migration - A CAnMove symposium
 The Ecology and Evolution of Partial Migration - A CAnMove symposium
 General Science Lectures

Faculty of Law

 Att läsa juridik på Lunds universitet (in Swedish)
 Hedersdoktorer på Juridicum (in Swedish)

Faculty of Social Science

 Cybernorms and Sociology of Law
 SOC B19 - Development and Social Welfare Policies
 Forskarpresentationer i statsvetenskap (in Swedish)
 Political Science Lectures
 Political Science Research Presentations
 Kvantitativ metod: SPSS (in Swedish)
 EU: En introduktion (in swedish)

"The tenth area"

 IIIEE: Introduction to Sustainable Consumption and Production
 Pufendorf Institute: Interstellar Communication
 Pufendorf Institute: Exoplanets